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SIGNAL Star GateSIGNAL Star Gate

   Web Portal©, the premiere web launch vehicle, hosts unique Web sites that contain useful infomation organization and display, representing the ideal in higher order digital content. These are the very best examples known to the world in this, the 21st century.

Web Portal© Design Works awards the coveted SIGNALsm Star Gate prize to the designers, engineers, and test-pilots of these stunning advances in information communication technology.

The SIGNALsm Star Gate is a graphic depiction of the energy released through cooperative interaction among powerfully merged forces, creating an enhanced combined future effect.

Nominations for the SIGNALsm Star Gate prize are voted upon monthly at Web Portal©, Inc. studios in Palo Alto, CA. Laureates are notified of the award and hosted link on the Web Portal©. SIGNALsm Star Gate graphic is authorized for posting only on the confirmed prize recipient's site.

Only official SIGNALsm Star Gate prize laureates are listed with asterisks in the Meta Links sub-category descriptions of the Web Portal site.

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