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Tuesday August 25, 1998

Web Portal, Inc.
Launches Cyberspace Mission

Original "Web Portal" Hits Big
By Marta Smith, Information Officer

PALO ALTO, CA - Web Portal, Inc. today announced the launch of the 4.01 upgrade for it's famous "Web Portal" premiere Web site launch panel. The "WebPortal.Com" and "WebPortal.Org" have recorded millions of accesses.

This Internet WWW original "Web Portal" established its reputation in October of 1996 when the firm launched its first GUI prototype version. The present "Web Portal" is trademarked and owned by Web Portal, Inc. but has become the most popular metaphore widely imitated on the information highway by other major commercial search platforms. Tom Hobbs said "... competition is good for business."

Hobbs, chairman of the Board of Directors for Web Portal, Inc., said his firm's "Web Portal lauch pad" includes a state-of-the-art unique Cyberspace Theme that leads users to over 7500 hyper-link portals that direct them to the most luminous Cyberspace addresses in the universe. A free Web Portal screen saver for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 may be easily downloaded from the Web site.

"We are excited about the opportunity to continue our heritage of quality Internet access from our Web Portal lauch pad," Hobbs said. "Web Portal, Inc. has a premiere reputation for offering cutting-edge technology that simplifies and personalizes virtual travel along the information highway. Web Portal, Inc. expects to continue as the unchallenged leader in Cyberspace exploration in and through the expanded Web Portal, Inc. user-friendly design."

"Our purpose is to host unique Web sites that not only provide users with high quality experiences, but also provide the Cyberspace Hitch Hiker with superior infomation content, organization and virtual display representing the ideal in higher order digital presentations. Web Portal, Inc. prizes are awarded only to the most outstanding examples known to the world of Cyberspace in this, the 21st century," said Hobbs.

Web Portal, Inc. design studio is located in Palo Alto, California, and the firm currently publishes 5 daily and 4 non-daily newspapers in addition to its Web site's Cyberspace launch pad. The news papers include the national Daily Republican Newspaper, Washington, D.C., the Fresno Republican Newspaper, in Califonia's Central Valley, the California Star Business Journal, in San Francisco, the Valley Press in Palo Alto, CA, and Mother Wire Magazine of San Ramon, CA. Web Portal, Inc. also owns other print and Cybermedia-related businesses.

Web Portal, Inc., has received a number of prospective inquiries about acquisition its unique URL's WebPortal.Com and WebPortal.Org, in large part, because of its unprecedented 30% growth rate in the past 6 months. It has been announced that purchase offers in excess of a $million have been received by the Board of Directors in recent weeks.

Tuesday January 1, 1995

Washington D.C. Insider Joins
Web Portal®, Inc.

PALO ALTO - January 1995 - Web Portal Design Inc. announced today that Howard Hobbs PhD has joined the firm as president in the Palo Alto corporate offices. He has joined Web Portal Design Inc. from the Economics Institute in Washington D.C. where he was a partner in the firm's National office. Hobbs will continue his role as the economics & legal editor of the national edition and Fresno edition of the Daily Republican Newspaper.

"The extraordinary growth of our business practice in recent years has created a real need for corporate leadership with Howard's background and experience," says William Camino, Managing Director, " We are very fortunate to have Howard join us." "Howard was attracted to our firm because of the strong growth of Web Portal Design corporation's client base, the emphasis we place on quality Web site design services and our teamwork approach," commented Martha Bellow, Chair of the firm's Business Department.

Wayne Phelps, Attorney in Charge of Web Portal Design corporation's California operations, added: "Howard has an excellent background in the organizational development of growth in emerging technology companies, which will compliment Web Portal Design's portfolio of accounts, and he has established relationships in the business and legal communities. This makes Howard a very significant addition to our firm."

Hobbs, 59, brings to Web Portal Design Inc., 17 years experience in the architectural design and administration of information technology in developing companies and venture capitalists, principally in technology-related industries, in the areas of venture capital financing and public benefit corporations.

He also has a strong background in corporate mergers and acquisitions, with an emphasis on private, negotiated acquisition counseling. Hobbs received his J.D. from the William Blackstone Law School in Chicago in 1970 and earned his bachelor of arts degree in economics from Fresno State College in 1959 in only three years. Ronald Reagan signed Howard's 1975 Master's degree which broke new ground in computer modeling design for the teaching of reading and writing in elementary and secondary education. Hobbs also earned a doctorate in economics from the University of Southern California in 1981.

Hobbs was a Ford Fellow in the California State Legislature in 1957-1958. Hobbs later received a Hoover Institution Grant at the Leland Stanford Jr. University Campus in Palo Alto for graduate study in ethics and public policy. Hobbs was a research attorney for the well known Fresno defense firm of Dawson & Ninnis before joinng the Washington D.C. offices of the Econmics Institute in 1986.

Web Portal Design, Inc. is a public benefit California corporation which primarily serves emerging growth companies, small businesses, associations, public companies, cultural, and financial institutions.

Web Portal Design Inc. clients are leaders in technology, computer equipment, telecommunications, and are specialty retail and consumer manufacturers and re-sellers. Clients include some of the nation's leading museums, presidential libraries, newspapers, and university research grant services.

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